[CentOS] Caught between a Red Hat and a CentOS

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Tue Oct 20 12:47:27 UTC 2009

>I called them and explained to them that I couldn't get it to boot --
>they gave me instructions on reinstalling

So Windows is garbage because one support tech is an idiot? There are
no idiots in the Linux world?

>The KSOD "event" occurred after an automatic Windows update (which
>isn't all that uncommon I found out).

I have never had a bsod after windows update in 15 years? But then again,
I test all my updates in a lab environment before my WSUS server pushes
them out on mass.

>Okay, what did they tell you about KSOD? Even if I can't fix it, I
>would at least like to know what really causes it. (There are a lot of
>theories out there.)

It wasn't a BSOD, it was high IO across a set of spindles with VSS "enabled
and setup wrong" by my corp. What the entry tech (as it wasn't yet elevated)
didn't know was specific details about how my fileserver was utilized which
had an impact in my scenario. A seasoned colleague on the list who *just*
went through it all gave me the tip.

I guess all Linux techs start out at Datacenter level:)

>Seems to me you're a little bit too sensitive here.

You're right, because that BS was just MS hate, not fact.

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