[CentOS] Console priority

Daniel Bird dbird at sgul.ac.uk
Tue Oct 20 22:34:55 UTC 2009

Hi all,
A while back I vaguely remember someone posting a link to documentation
on how to prioritise console access (for want of a better expression). 
For the life of me I can't find it in the archives or via Google; Can
anyone provide a URL?

Basically, I have a remote server that thrashes (that's my theory at
least) occasionally, resulting in the service (httpd/mysql)  failing.
When its in this state logging on to the console (serial + screen) 
responds with "login timeout". The only way back from this at the moment
is a reboot.. If I can prioritize console access somehow and get on to
the server I may find a clue as to what's causing it.


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