[CentOS] Caught between a Red Hat and a CentOS

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 08:06:34 UTC 2009

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 6:47 AM, Joseph L. Casale
<JCasale at activenetwerx.com> wrote:
>>Remember that windows integration website ( don't remember the name
>>but related to nLite and ryanvm) shutdown by Microsoft - it made a
>>great deal of news because they had scripts to take out annoyances
>>such as balloons popping up in the taskbar.  MS lawyers had them
> For a good reason, because silly non-admins where using nlite in a corporate
> environment? WTF, if you take all of RHELS rpms and recompile them in an
> unsupported manor then call for help, what do you think they will do?
> You have got to be kidding me, ms should just support anything anyone wants
> to do? Sigh...

The point was that there were at least thousands of publicly
documented instances of the first line of support was to wipe n
reinstall.  Should users have to wait 9 years to get some balloons
turned off?  The changes were registry key changes documented by MS,
not exactly recompiles.

No, i don't think MS should have to support nLite modifications, but
wouldn't the money spent on lawyers have been better spent on giving
customers what they wanted.  And when one stops and thinks about src
rpms .....

>>It takes way too much time to install a windows system from scratch, configure
>>how you want it,  and then install all the apps on top and then all the updates
>>and then all the updates to the apps ad nauseam. Oh, you want to image that
>>harddrive now?  Well you get 3 attempts with sysprep and then you start all
>>over - no thanks..
> Well, if you need some guidance on how to do this, I would be willing to help.
> Even at home I use RIS/WDS and deploy almost all of my apps to windows lab vm's
> with GPO's. So, unfortunately yes, I do *completely* automated deployments that
> setup all my apps and even pre-populate some settings at the push of F12. When
> I didn't have this knowledge, I never assumed Bill was an a$$hole, I took the
> time to learn it. Same with Linux, when I never had kickstart knowledge and
> couldn't automate my CentOS deployments, I never assumed KB or the CentOS devs
> were scumbags, I took the time to learn it:)

'yum repolist' lists 19,107 packages i can install in a heartbeat.
How many 3rd party apps do you actually install?    How many windows
packages do you have to spend _time_ repackaging with a $1500 and
$more windows MSI installer package to get it pushed out correctly
with standard gpos?  For the non MSI apps, how long did it take to
contact the developer and hunt down the parameters to answer yes,yes,
product-key=XXX-ZG123-56787-01l1l1Il (r those ones, letter i, letter
L, zeros?).

i never thought of Bill in a negative light.  i didn't downgrade to
WinXP and deployed WinVista except to all but my workstations.   A MS
technical account executive is giving a breakfast security meeting in
6 hours where i live on why patch management is a big problem that
will NOT be going away.   Maybe MS will come out with something akin
to yum.repos app store, but it will never have all the proprietary
software you will need and oh yeah - it will cost money over and over.

> Guess what, now I can do both! Wow...

Guess what, i can too.    How many families can afford the licensing
fees for a windows server at home?  Why not use OCSinventory-ng or
FreeGhost?  Winner?

> This useless thread will never end, FOSS guys have their sh!t in a knot over
> MS for reason of which I have my own opinions. Bottom line is, I work with both
> and quit successfully get equivalent uptimes and QOS with both. Many guys do it,
> it's possible. I met one of the guys who did the barnes and noble setup at an msdn
> conference, I guess that successful setup wasn't the result of competent guys
> who actually knew their sh!t and did a good job, but just dumb luck. Mama always
> said if I could be smart or lucky, it was better to be lucky:)

You may even get longer uptimes with MS, but how much time do you have
to spend patching all those 3rd party applications?   All those apps
developed by the vast majority of developers that believe that if
their install process is half as good as MS Office, we're golden.
Those other users of MSDN that still require their users to have full
admin privs bc that is how we developed the software because the MS
developer tools required Administrator privileges to compile the exe?
Those same MSDN developers that do not see anything wrong with web
browsing with admin privileges.  i have been using NTFS permissions
since the mid 90's and just last Friday had to explain to one of our
vendor's overpaid, MSDN reading C# experts the concept of 'Least

i have read and enjoyed many of your posts Joe, consider unwinding
some of those knots, the cussing doesn't help.

> jlc
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