[CentOS] local centos repository upgrade from 5.3 to 5.4

Antonio da Silva Martins Junior asmartins at uem.br
Wed Oct 21 11:48:56 UTC 2009

Hi :)
----- "Paul Herbosch" <paul.herbosch at tbwaworld.com> escreveu:
> I run quite a few centos 5.3 servers and have a local yum repository 
> which is working fine.
> Below a list of what I'm rsyncing at the moment + an extract from my 
> /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo file
> I copied the OS directory from the install media and ran createrepo on
> that dir.

  Well, I had some CentOS 5.3 and 4.8 servers too. But, I mirror the directory
structure and loop mount an ISO image on the "os" dir on it :)

> I would like to upgrade my servers to 5.4.
> I was wondering if I could simply replace the '5.3' part in the rsync 
> source to '5.4' ?
> Or is there more to it?

  When a new version is released I link copy the "old" structure to a new one
(cp -al 5.3 5.4), mount the new media under the "os" tree, and run rsync against
a mirror of the new structure. I do this because sometimes there are packages in
common betwen both versions and I didn't need to download it (or store it, as it is
only a hard link) again.

  When I think the new version is ok to run in my production servers I simply move
the upper link from one version to another, i.e. fom 5 -> 5.3  to 5 -> 5.4, the yum.conf
files are set to get from the "5" repo and not from "5.x" 

   Hope this helps 


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