[CentOS] New administrator and upgrading systems

Matt lm7812 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 16:18:13 UTC 2009

> Hi there folks.  I've been watching the never ending "CentOS 5.4 OMG
> WHEN?" threads for the last few days / weeks and had a question.  I'm
> pretty new to anything rpm based.  I used Red Hat 9 back in college,
> but that's about it.  Currently, I do have a few Cent OS servers and
> we're slowly migrating from Debian to CentOS for various reasons.

Just curious, why the move from Debian to CentOS?


> Since 5.3 - 5.4 is going to be my first major upgrade, I had a simple
> question.  WHEN it's actually released, and things are going normal,
> should I just continue doing "yum upgrade" as always and will
> eventually be on 5.4?
> I seem to recall something with Fedora where you had to install some
> kind of release package, etc (again.. this was back in 2003 - 2004
> time) and was just curious.  Simple google searches tell me "yes!
> just yum upgrade" but I wanted input from you guys, if you don't mind.

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