[CentOS] Low End NAS hardware.

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Wed Oct 21 17:03:08 UTC 2009

Drew schrieb:
> Hey,
> The recent discussion on NAS/SAN and the Thecus N8800 got me to thinking.
> Bit of background. I have an old Dual Athlon MP2800+ that I'm using
> for a home web/file server. It runs fine but between the noise of the
> various fans and it's location in the living room, I've been asked by
> my spouse to find a replacement for it that's smaller & quieter.
> Looking at the Thecus, and based on experience with Atom based
> Mini-ITX systems at work, I was thinking about rolling my own.
> My questions is, for a small home server that runs apache/php/mysql
> and Samba, how well do the Mini-ITX boards like the VIA C3/7 & Intel
> Atoms handle this sort of task? I've used VIA systems as MythTV
> frontends but never as file/web servers. I'd expect they'd do fine for
> home use but I've never tried.

You could buy one of those new MacMini servers ;-)

SCNR ;-)

The question I ask myself is: do I really need a home-server?
How much shared data do I have anyway? And is it really "data" or just
pictures, movies, MP3s?

What exactly does the home-server do that couldn't be done on the
clients connected to it, once they are running?


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