[CentOS] File Server using ISCSI attached storage - Hardware HBA ?

Clint Dilks clintd at scms.waikato.ac.nz
Wed Oct 21 23:09:24 UTC 2009

nate wrote:
> Clint Dilks wrote:
>> Hi Everyone
>> I am looking at setting up a File Server that uses ISCSI storage.  It is
>> the first time I have done this, so I am wanting to get peoples thoughts
>> on whether for CentOS systems you should use Hardware based ISCSI HBA's?
>> If so do I need to be careful about what HBA I use ?  Currently I am
>> looking at purchasing a Dell System using  Broadcom ethernet cards/
>> ISCSI HBA.  From google searching it seems QLogic HBA's are quite popular ?
>> Any suggestions or experience you can offer appreciated.
> Depends on the load, most file servers aren't that busy in
> which case software iSCSI would be fine. HBAs are good for
> things like booting via iSCSI. Qlogic HBAs are good yes though
> they are limited to 1Gbps of throughput. Chelsio seems to
> be popular as well for 10Gbps at least.
> Many modern broadcom chips have iSCSI offload ability as well,
> though I haven't tested it myself under linux at least.
> What iSCSI system will you be connecting your servers to?
> nate
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Hi, Thanks for the response.

At the moment I'm not exactly sure what ISCSI storage will be bought, 
but hopefully something like 

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