[CentOS] Low End NAS hardware.

The Eye In The Sky syiwabhairawa at yahoo.com.sg
Thu Oct 22 06:30:17 UTC 2009

Drew wrote:
> My questions is, for a small home server that runs apache/php/mysql
> and Samba, how well do the Mini-ITX boards like the VIA C3/7 & Intel
> Atoms handle this sort of task? I've used VIA systems as MythTV
> frontends but never as file/web servers. I'd expect they'd do fine for
> home use but I've never tried.

I run FreeNAS, which is ZFS file server, apache+php but no database, and 
with Bittorrent continuously running, on an Intel Mini ITX motherboard, 
the single core Intel 280 (or 270? forgot) with the 2 GB RAM. CPU 
Utilization rarely reach 50%. Only goes to 60% when I am running Unison 
over SSH.
And the RAM usage is around 60% from 2GB with full Bittorrent access.
The only bad thing about the this Intel Atom motherboard is that it only 
have 2 port SATA. Thus I need to install Sil3114 4 port SATA to drive 
the other 4 disks. Now my system is running 6 SATA disks and booted from 
an PATA Compact Flash. Since I used up the only PCI slot for the SATA 
card, I must be happy with its onboard 100BaseT network.

Therefore, I think for your requirement, the Intel Atom are just fine. 
You may go to the dual core Atom 330 with Gigabit Ethernet since the 
price difference is negligible.

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