[CentOS] Help! i want to clone my Centos machine to another box..

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Thu Oct 22 16:30:08 UTC 2009

what i recently did was use this info and modified the backup-servers script
it was really simple to move a live centos4 from one machine to another
after admin down services that would allow data to change on the final rsync
one machine was an older compaq DL380 and the new machine was a HP DL360
basically i did a centos 4 load on the new machine and paid careful
attention to what needs to be excluded as well as changed before and
things like  /etc/modprobe.conf
then change ips and reboot.
the having two servers side by side thing is a different set of
circumstances and setup...
we just cloned one to the other and took the original machine offline.
if you have a lot of linux experience and cannot figure out the step by
step, post what you did to "try" and accomplish it and then we can help more
please be specific in your postings
 - rh
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