[CentOS] Running SSH on a different port

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Sat Oct 24 16:03:10 UTC 2009

>>> I then did: service sshd restart
>>> <snip>
>> Have you restarted the ssh daemon after changing the config file?
> Ooops, I really need to not post to the mailing list when I am tired.
> My second question still stands, Also, have you run nmap on your  
> host to
> verify that the port is open?

No, but I might be a dork.

I was editing /etc/ssh/ssh_config and it looks like I wanted to edit / 
I dont know if now I should put ssh_config back to its defaults or  
not. I need to query that.

>> Also, have you restarted the iptables service after changing the
>> firewall rules?

I restarted the whole server actually.


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