[CentOS] Newsletter feedback

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Sun Oct 25 16:10:46 UTC 2009

>> We have now published the sixth version of the Newsletter and I think
>> it is time to ask YOU ( the reader ) what we can improve. The current
>> trend is away from really technical details more to a light read and
>> entertaining stuff. Is this a good way to go. Or should we focus more
>> on the technical side again*. Or is the balance right?
> I greatly enjoyed this month's newsletter, especially the hacker diary.
> :)  It's nice to see the events and "in the news" items too.

I am not for a long time in the CentOS community, but I found the last
two newsletters interesting and refreshing.

I think they are important to create this community feeling, which is
basically what differentiates CentOS from the "prominent North
American Linux vendor". For my (kind of professional) usage of CentOS,
I am ready to give up some of the benefits of paid support in order to
be part of a real community in the true free software fashion: maybe
less "reliable", but many answers come even before you ask.

No need for more tech stuff, I'd say. But if some users could
contribute stories of real-life deployments, that could begreat. That
is for example one of the very interesting sides of the users
mailing-list: having experienced admins sharing their experience while
they answer questions.
Having something like this as a regular section of the newsletter
could be an idea...

So, yes, the newsletter contributes greatly to this community feeling.
I'll be happy to contribute, when I'll be more knowledgeable (and

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