[CentOS] Debugging system load - How to start?

Alan McKay alan.mckay at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 22:48:35 UTC 2009

> I was planing to exchange the server respectively distribut the services
> in the near future anyway, but I'm interessted in what causes the load
> now or where the system "hangs" :-)

That still does not get to the bottom of the issue, which of course
would be nice.

You should be running some kind of performance metrics gathering.  I
would recommend "Munin" for long term monitoring.   The only real
issue with it is that it has a 5 minute window hard-coded so you
cannot catch anything finer grain than that.  But sounds like yours is
much more than a short, spurious issue.

If you want finer grain, use sadc and ksar.  The 2 below is collecting
at 2 second intervals which is pretty tight.

 /usr/lib/sa/sadc -d -I -F 2 /var/log/foo/bar

or on a 64 bit box

 /usr/lib64/sa/sadc -d -I -F 2 /var/log/foo/bar

It will log system stats at 2 second intervals, until you control-C it.

Then you can view the file in kSar.

go to "File" then "New Window"
from the new window go to "Data", "Local Command"
enter the command sar -A -f /var/log/foo/bar
That's it! Now you will have some pretty graphs to look at!

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