[CentOS] Inquiry:How to make crontab job permanent even after server reboot?

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Wed Oct 28 06:33:22 UTC 2009

hadi motamedi wrote:
> Thank you very much for your reply . Can you please do me favor and 
> let me know where I have to check for the scripts that may wipe out 
> these files on reboot ? How can I check if /var/spool on transient 
> storage ?
> Please be informed that I have two CentOS servers , one is running 
> CentOS 5.0 and the other is CentOS5.2 . For the CentOS5.2 , the cron 
> job does not disappear after server reboot but for the 5.0 one it does 
> . Can you please let me know what is wrong here ?

this would be something specific you've done intentionally...  its 
certianly not something that happens by default in any normal installation

why have neither of your servers been updated to current ?

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