[CentOS] Scripting help please....

Paul Bijnens Paul.Bijnens at xplanation.com
Wed Oct 28 17:41:25 UTC 2009

On 2009-10-28 18:09, Truejack wrote:
> Need a scripting help to sort out a list and list all the duplicate lines.
> My data looks somethings like this
> host6:dev406mum.dd.mum.test.com:22:11:11:no
> host7:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:36:17:19:no
> host7:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:36:17:19:no
> host17:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:31:17:19:no
> host12:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:41:17:19:no
> host2:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:36:17:19:no
> host4:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:41:17:19:no
> host4:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:45:17:19:no
> host4:dev258mum.dd.mum.test.com:36:17:19:no
> I need to sort this list and print all the lines where column 3 has a 
> duplicate entry.
> I need to print the whole line, if a duplicate entry exists in column 3.
> I tried using a combination of "sort" and "uniq" but was not successful.

Long time ago (when I was still young and beautiful) and encountering also
the limitations of "uniq", I wrote a small program in C to do these kinds of things.
It is designed to handle record oriented stuff in groups similar to uniq.
The primary purpose was as prepocessor to awk/perl, but simple things like this
are builtin.  You find it here:


Unpack;  make;  and copy the program "by" somehwere in your PATH.

Then, to solve your problem do:

    sort -t: -k 3 InputFile | by -F: -f3 -D

This sorts the input on field 3, fields separated by colon, and outputs
all lines that are duplicate according to field 3 (-D).

The program can do more as well, and a little tutorial is included in the zip.

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