[CentOS] Not able to FTP since 5.4

Barry Brimer lists at brimer.org
Thu Oct 29 03:32:32 UTC 2009

> I do not use ftp much lately, but my bro did and noticed we cannot ftp to
> the server since the upgrade.
> Using VSFTP.
> Tried rebooting but nothing.
> Looks like it goes through the whole process and then 'bam'.
> Could not find an error log that listed the error anywhere.
> Worked great before 5.4 update, now it does not work at all.

If you are using iptables, make sure you have ip_conntrack_ftp loaded. 
This can be accomplished by making sure that ip_conntrack_ftp appears in 
the "IPTABLES_MODULES" line in /etc/sysconfig/iptables-config and restart 
iptables.  Either that or try turning off iptables temporarily to test.

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