[CentOS] sudoers file

Ross Walker rswwalker at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 13:10:57 UTC 2009

On Oct 29, 2009, at 1:35 AM, vijay shanker <vijay.shad at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks guys,
> I have done my changes in the sudoers file.
> what i did is ; added a group with same access as root.
> how i am able to use sudo. but there is a problem.
> my machine is responding very slow for the sudo. It takes almost 3  
> minutes to open a small file with command
> sudo vim filename.conf
> i don't think this might be because of the changes. But you can  
> explain this situation to me.
> To edit sudoers file I used visudo.
> and thanks Majian for that command in vi editor. it was great.

3 minutes is a typical network timeout.

Sounds like you don't have dns setup properly and/or nis/winbind or  
ldap if you use those.


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