[CentOS] adding SAN "diskspace" to CentOS system residing on VMware

ken gebser at mousecar.com
Fri Oct 30 20:10:18 UTC 2009

Hey, group,

I've got a system installed on a VMware VM.  The SAN administrator
allocated me more disk space from the (EMC) SAN and I need ultimately to
create another partition to mount on the filesystem.  Two (initial)
questions about this:

What steps do I need to take prior to creating a new partition with
fdisk?  (The SAN space, BTW, is connected through VMware.)

The OS is already residing on a logical volume.  Is there any compelling
reason to bringing the new partition into lvm (aside from the ease of
resizing it... something I don't anticipate us doing)?  Or should I
simply create an ext3 partition and mount that?

Thanks much.

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