[CentOS] Syslog do not work

Tim_Davis at cbca.com Tim_Davis at cbca.com
Fri Oct 30 20:34:52 UTC 2009

Guys, attached is copy of both the  i) /etc/sysconfig/syslog
                                               ii) /etc/syslog.conf
I have a Centos ver5.3

The syslog is not working and also I installed Webmin, also it does not
this is what the error is "
 Info     Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage "                                       

[root at bart ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/syslog
# Options to syslogd
# -m 0 disables 'MARK' messages.
# -r enables logging from remote machines
# -x disables DNS lookups on messages recieved with -r
# See syslogd(8) for more details
# Options to klogd
# -2 prints all kernel oops messages twice; once for klogd to decode, and
#    once for processing with 'ksymoops'
# -x disables all klogd processing of oops messages entirely
# See klogd(8) for more details
# set this to a umask value to use for all log files as in umask(1).
# By default, all permissions are removed for "group" and "other".

[root at bart ~]# cat /etc/syslog.conf
# Log all kernel messages to the console.
# Logging much else clutters up the screen.
#kern.*                                                 /dev/console

# Log anything (except mail) of level info or higher.
# Don't log private authentication messages!

# The authpriv file has restricted access.
authpriv.*                                              /var/log/secure

# Log all the mail messages in one place.
mail.*                                                  -/var/log/maillog

# TIM stuff
*.*;local7.debug;local4.warnings                        /var/log/tim

# Cisco Stuff
local7.*                                /var/log/cisco

# Log cron stuff
cron.*                                                  /var/log/cron

# Everybody gets emergency messages
*.emerg                                                 *

# Save news errors of level crit and higher in a special file.
uucp,news.crit                                          /var/log/spooler

# Save boot messages also to boot.log
local7.*                                                /var/log/boot.log

news.=crit                                        /var/log/news/news.crit
news.=err                                         /var/log/news/news.err
news.notice                                       /var/log/news/news.notice
[root at bart ~]#


[root at bart ~]# ls
anaconda-ks.cfg          install.log         webmin-1.490-1.noarch.rpm
Desktop                  install.log.syslog
firstboot.1256071953.31  tim.txt
[root at bart ~]#

Tim Davis  PMP, CCNP, CNE-5
10900 Hampshire Ave. S.
Bloomington, MN 55438
tim_davis at cbca.com


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