[CentOS] Strange 'find' misbehaviour

Christoph Neuhaus nihil14 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 07:55:42 UTC 2010

> I just found out something strange. Try it out for yourselves. Here
> goes. Search for any directories under /boot:
> # find /boot/ -type d
> /boot/
> /boot/grub
> /boot/lost+found
> So far so good. Now execute a detailed listing on the results:
> # find /boot/ -type d -exec ls -l \{} \;
> ...
> Why does 'find' suddenly list everything... and not just the directories?

Nothing strange here. What do you expect from
  # ls -l /boot/
Right, you'll see the contents of the directory /boot.

You might be looking for
  # find /boot/ -type d -exec ls -ld {} \;


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