[CentOS] partition woes (mapper/isw_bdihgcgahe_Volume0p2)

Sat Apr 3 03:03:01 UTC 2010
aurfalien at gmail.com <aurfalien at gmail.com>


I found 2 identical drives lying around and put them into a system.

When booting from a Centos 5.x installer, and when being presented  
with the formatting option (disk druid), it says I have 1 volume of;


I can't seem to get rid of it.  I have 2 physical disks but disk druid  
is seeing 1 volume thats the same size as one of the 2 identical drives.

I've tried everything from yanking the 2nd drive, installing Centos  
with 1 drive, then installing the second drive and doing;

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb

... to even installing diff OS's like Ubuntu and Windows which see 2  
individual disks where I repartition/reformat the drives.

Seems as though I can't truly re write a part of the master boot  
record or some other area.

I'm pretty feeble with this crap so can any one help me get a clue on  
what to do?

These drives may have been in some hard ware raided system of the  
past, am unsure and no one here knows.

This is really driving me crazy!!!!!

- aurf