[CentOS] Resize iscsi partitions?

Wed Apr 7 12:32:50 UTC 2010
Tom Diehl <tdiehl at rogueind.com>


I have a c5 machine with a 3ware controller in it that I am using for iscsi
targets. The iscsi target is built on lvm. The client then sees it as /dev/sdb1.
If I put a gpt partition on it and try to shrink it I loose the partition table.
If I expand it gparted complains with the following warning:

"Not all of the space available to /dev/sda appears to be used, you can fix the
GPT to use all of the space (an extra 70688768 blocks) or continue with the
current setting?"

The data is still there but as the warning says I can fix the issue. I am
wondering if there is a way to be able to both grow and shrink the gpt 
partitions on iscsi?

The machine is not in production yet so at this time I am just experimenting
so that when I have live data on it, I can be reasonably sure that I can resize
the iscsi partitions without data loss.


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