[CentOS] Build Issue with multi module project

Sat Apr 10 06:17:02 UTC 2010
Vijay Shanker Dubey <vijay.shad at gmail.com>


I have a multi module web project. Four modules of the project are packaged
as jar and added as dependency to the fifth module, which is packaged as
war. When it is time to deploy the application i just run package on the war
project and my war is created with all the dependencies.

Now there is a problem.

One of the my module have heavy changes. Now when i created war for my
projects these changes was not reflected in the output war file(the jar in
lib folder of war has still the old code).

Can you please point the things i am missing from the release process? Why
the old code is being packaged with the war?

Vijay Shanker Dubey
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