[CentOS] everything seems to hang, but system is idle?

Sun Apr 11 10:58:49 UTC 2010
Rudi Ahlers <rudiahlers at gmail.com>

Hi All,

My one server recently started acting very weird. At fist I couldn't
import any images with cobbler as rsync crashes the whole time. I was
told to ask on the cobbler list (maybe it's not supported here?) but I
left it at that (subscribed to far too many lists already).

Yesteday I wanted to copy some stuff from a USB disk to the server
(using rsync to update the files which have changed, or new files) but
it seems like rsync hangs without any errors.
Now, when I tried to update CentOS I get the same "error" in that yum hangs.

At the same time I can open a new SSH session and do whatevery I like.
But it seems that running a command which takes time to complete

For example:

 Package                                   Arch
Version                                    Repository
 iscsi-initiator-utils                     x86_64                     installed
  1.9 M
Removing for dependencies:
 gnome-applet-vm                           x86_64
0.1.2-1.el5                                installed
  121 k
 libvirt                                   x86_64
0.6.3-20.1.el5_4                           installed
  7.1 M
 libvirt-python                            x86_64
0.6.3-20.1.el5_4                           installed
  431 k
 python-virtinst                           noarch
0.400.3-5.el5                              installed
  1.4 M
 virt-manager                              x86_64
0.6.1-8.el5                                installed
  4.9 M
 virt-viewer                               x86_64
0.0.2-3.el5                                installed
   48 k
 xen                                       x86_64
3.0.3-94.el5_4.3                           installed
  4.7 M

Transaction Summary
Remove        8 Package(s)
Reinstall     0 Package(s)
Downgrade     0 Package(s)

Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test

[root at intranet Torrents]# mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/

Even running "top" does the same, yet I can't kill "top" with CTRL+C,
or even "killall -9 top" from a new SSH session.

[root at intranet ~]# ps ax | grep top
20825 pts/6    R+     0:00 grep top
[root at intranet ~]# ps ax | grep rsync
 6536 ?        D      3:10 rsync -avz --progress
/mnt/usb-backup/backups/current/home/www/linux/centos /home/www/linux/
 6537 ?        Z      0:00 [rsync] <defunct>
 8630 ?        S      0:00 rsync -avz --progress --stats
/mnt/usb-backup/backups/current/home/www/linux/ /home/www/linux/
 8631 ?        Z      0:00 [rsync] <defunct>
20827 pts/6    R+     0:00 grep rsync
[root at intranet ~]# ps ax | grep yum
20390 pts/4    S+     0:02 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/yum remove
20829 pts/6    R+     0:00 grep yum
[root at intranet ~]#

/var/log/messages doesn't show me any errors.

Any suggestions on this?

Kind Regards
Rudi Ahlers

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