[CentOS] Amazon S3FS Automounter of sorts

Mon Apr 12 16:24:09 UTC 2010
Matt Keating <Matt_Keating at dennis.co.uk>


I¹ve just started using Amazon S3 for storage and have used s3fs to mount
the buckets on the file system.
1. I was wondering if anyone has a better method ­ even though this meets my
current needs. 
2. if there is an automounter that could be tweaked to work with s3fs. The
entries in my fstab are rather different to the normal disk based ones,
    s3fs#BUCKETNAME /mnt/s3/BUCKETNAME fuse
allow_other,default_acl=public-read,noauto 0 0 ,so I wasn¹t sure if it is

My reasoning to want an automounter is I¹m not sure on the amount of extra
calls made to the S3, so would prefer it not be connected if its not needed.


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