[CentOS] XFS-filesystem corrupted by defragmentation Was: Performance problems with XFS on Centos 5.4

Tue Apr 13 09:54:53 UTC 2010
Bernhard Gschaider <bgschaid_lists at ice-sf.at>

Before I'd try to defragment my whole filesystem (see attached mail
for whole story) I figured "Let's try it on some file".

So I did

> xfs_bmap /raid/Temp/someDiskimage.iso
[output shows 101 extents and 1 hole]

Then I defragmented the file
> xfs_fsr /raid/Temp/someDiskimage.iso
extents before:101 after:3 DONE

> xfs_bmap /raid/Temp/someDiskimage.iso
[output shows 3 extents and 1 hole]

and now comes the bummer: i wanted to check the fragmentation of the
whole filesystem (just for checking):

> xfs_db -r /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol04
xfs_db: unexpected XFS SB magic number 0x00000000
xfs_db: read failed: Invalid argument
xfs_db: data size check failed
cache_node_purge: refcount was 1, not zero (node=0x2a25c20)
xfs_db: cannot read root inode (22)

THAT output was definitly not there when I did this the last time and
therefor the new fragmentation does not make me happy either

xfs_db> frag
actual 0, ideal 0, fragmentation factor 0.00%

The file-system is still mounted and working and I don't dare to do
anything about it (am in a mild state of panic) because I think it
might not come back if I do.

Any suggestions most welcome (am googling myself before I do anything
about it).

I swear to god: I did not do anything else with the xfs_*-commands
than the stuff mentioned above


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