[CentOS] CentOS-3, is this what I need?

Tue Apr 13 12:12:24 UTC 2010
Prashant Saxena <animator333 at yahoo.com>


I am new to linux and so far I have only used ubuntu. I have 
developed a python application which I would like package and 
distribute. The problem with
packaging tools such as pyinstaller and 
cx_freeze is that you have to compile the bootloader first. Now If I 
compile the loader on karmic 9.10, the binary
would suffer from 
compatibility issue. In other words I won't be able to execute the app 
on a lower version such as ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS.

The solution is to 
use as much as old libc as you can to compile the bootloader. It seems 
CentOS-3 is based on glibc 2.3, which is pretty old and if I compile
and do other stuff of on CentOS-3, it'll do the job and hopefully covers 
almost all the end user base that I am expecting will use the app. It 
may possible that
I might face some issues with my requirements 
mentioned below but I have no practical idea about them.

As I 
mentioned before that I am new to linux and I always prefer to use 
VirtualBox, when ever I try any new distribution.

In short these 
are my requirements and I would like to know whether CentOS-3 is the 
right choice for me or not?

1. Use VirtualBox. XP Host & 
CentOS-3 guest.
2. python 2.6.4
3. wxPython from 
wxWidgets repository 
4. libcairo 1.8.8
5. pycairo 1.8.6
couple of other python modules.

Are these packages available or 
if not can be downloaded from other repositories? I am also concerned 
about my requirements that whether they themselves will suffer from 
binary dependency issue or not because I of using CentOS-3.

one also suggested that you should also compile your 
requirements(python, wxpython etc.) along with the bootloader and this 
would make your package and underlying libraries backward compatible and lesser chance of any failure. 

Best regards


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