[CentOS] Keyboard problem

Sat Apr 17 01:02:53 UTC 2010
MHR <mhullrich at gmail.com>

I've had a Logitech cordless desktop on my primary desktop for the
last few years, and every once in a while the number pad would just
"go out" - the <enter> key and num-lock would still work, but of all
the others would do nothing except the 5, which would pop-up a
subwindow in some app on the screen that didn't have the focus.

I thought this was aproblem with the keyboard, so I just switched to a
wired keyboard, and voila - the number key pad misbehaves exactly the
same way.

Is this a Linx / RHEL / CentOS bug?  Has anyone else seen this?

I'm going to reboot to see what happens, but I'd be really, really
disappointed if it all just comes back to life (meaning that it *is* a
problem in the system and not the hardware)....

Let us know if you can, and I'll report after I reboot.