[CentOS] warnquota email domain ?

Mon Apr 19 13:33:56 UTC 2010
Jake Grimmett <jog at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk>

Dear All,

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question, or if I'm just being daft, 
but I can't get warnquota to send emails to the right address.

When I put a test user (gollum) over quota, and run warnquota on a server 
(nfs2.lmb.internal), the email generated by warnquota appears in the maillog 
as "to=<gollum at nfs2.lmb.internal>," What I need is the email to go 
to "gollum at lmb.internal"

I have four NFS servers, using NIS / automounts (no LDAP), my users all have 
email addresses <USERID at lmb.internal>. Any ideas on how to get warnquota to 
work, or should I just write a script to parse `repquota -avgu` ?

many thanks

Jake Grimmett