Sat Apr 24 08:05:12 UTC 2010
cahit Eyigünlü <cahit.eyigunlu at gmail.com>

I had a geub loader error  2 on starting centos
and i am able to connect rescue system

this is the result how could i get system work

root at rescuecd64 ~ # grub
Probing devices to guess BIOS drives. This may take a long time.
Unknown partition table signature

    GNU GRUB  version 0.97  (640K lower / 3072K upper memory)

       [ Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported.   For
         the   first   word,  TAB  lists  possible  command
         completions.  Anywhere else TAB lists the possible
         completions of a device/filename. ]
grub>  find /boot/grub/stage1
 find /boot/grub/stage1

Error 15: File not found
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