[CentOS] mapping drives

Tue Apr 27 21:19:42 UTC 2010
Jeff Sadino <jsadino.queens at gmail.com>

I am having trouble mounting drives.  We have a Windows 2008 (,
MRISRV02) server with folders I what access to.  On my Fedora 8 client, in
my fstab file, I have:
//    /home/mriuser/Desktop/jeff      cifs
rw,username=cluster,password=mrilab 0 0
and this works just fine.  My samba is up to date:
[mriuser at localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep "samba"

However, we also have a CentOS 4 64bit "pseudo-server" machine.  When I try
to map the folders on this CentOS machine using an fstab entry like this:
//      /mnt/Jeff      cifs
rw,username=cluster,password=mrilab 0 0
It maps the USERS folder to /mnt/Jeff.  I can cd into Users and then cd into
Jeff, but I want to be able to go straight into Jeff and not have access to
the rest of the user folders.  I just upgraded my samba from 3.0.25 to
3.0.33 and have not restarted.
[root at cluster mnt]# rpm -qa | grep "samba"

Can anyone please help me out?  Thank you!!
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