[CentOS] Newsletter release

Thu Apr 1 03:17:02 UTC 2010
Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann <didi at ribalba.de>

On 01/04/2010 03:41, David Goldsmith wrote:
> Went to [1]  - got this:
>       * Newsletter
>       * 1002
> You are not allowed to view this page.
> Link to prior post works - http://wiki.centos.org/Newsletter/1001

Yes, I am sorry. This is just for the editors I sent it to the wrong 
list. That happens when you send mails at 4 in the morning. I am really 
sorry. The official release will be tomorrow (I hope).

If you want to become a proofreader of the Newsletter tough, feel free 
to mail me and I can put you on the list.

Cheers Didi

Hoffmann Geerd-Dietger