[CentOS] Release 6?

Thu Apr 1 13:27:11 UTC 2010
Rainer Traut <tr.ml at gmx.de>

Am 31.03.2010 18:47, schrieb MHR:
> Since 5.5 is now out from Red Hat and most likely our amazing CentOS
> team has already jumped on that, is there any word on Release 6?  IIRC
> it's already a year out of date (base was supposed to be Fedora 10),
> so I have to wonder.
> I didn't see anything jump out at me on the Red Hat site, so - anyone?

Afaik it's based on Fedora 12.
That's what you can read from bugzilla and look at the kernel versions 
the talk about.
eg: kernel-2.6.32-14.el6