[CentOS] encoding

Sat Apr 3 20:08:31 UTC 2010
cahit Eyigünlü <cahit.eyigunlu at gmail.com>

Thank you for feed back but there is sth. complicated then using ascii

let me try to describe :

i have created a folder with name şiğüı and it is ok.
but i have copied a file that i 've created on another linux machine (that
is not mine)
it seems like ����� and that cause to not only file name it also encounters
on all hosted site which is copied from other server
but this names seems ok on terminal , it only seems like ���� on the web
pages and the contents of this files seems like this , but if i rewrite the
page with the same non latin chars , everything is ok.

i have try to change httpd.conf
page encodings , php settings ......

do you have any advice please.....
 i want to learn and share my knowladge like you in the future Kai i am
reasearching always ...
thanks for your understanding, reading all your posts on group to learn.

2010/4/3 Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

> google about encoding, MySQL, utf-8.
> > so how could i repair this copied fle names end file encodings because it
> > has problems also while reading by php  and publishing the same thanks
> That's why it is a bad idea to use anything other than ASCII in filenames
> that are used for web servers or programming.
> New users of CentOS, especially if new to Linux at all, have a habit of
> throwing *every* problem they have on the new system at the list. This is
> ok for a while and if not stretching the CentOS relationship too much. But,
> finally, please understand that this list is not a general purpose "solve
> my server problems" list. So, please consider next time if your question
> has anything to do with CentOS.
> Kai
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