[CentOS] Consecutive Jobs

Wed Apr 7 06:40:55 UTC 2010
JohnS <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Wed, 2010-04-07 at 05:17 +0000, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> >Are you looking for a real job scheduler?  If so, it might be overkill,
> >but you might want to look into software like Sun Grid Engine, Torque,
> >or Condor (there are quite a few other schedulers out there).  If those
> >aren't what you're hoping for, perhaps you could give more details about
> >what you're trying to accomplish.
> Based on John and Les's reco for a different cluster need, I am reading up
> on Torque etc now, but this just a trivial need I want to plug asap. It really
> is as simple as I wrote out earlier, multiple servers ssh a background job at
> nearly the same time consisting of an rsync command. The destination host for
> this target gets overwhelmed with more than one at a time...
Not to hard to do.... Here's one way....
Say you have 10 compute nodes.  They exec rsync at selected time
interval pointing to the target machine.
SSH is your key here.  You can do a wrapper script for ssh to "SSH" to
all nodes at once with one command then exec the rsync command.  It will
only work with key authentication.  

In fact I know this method will work.  I use it weekly to generate
reports or run updates on all boxes at once.  The key here also is it
has to be the same command executed to to all nodes from one head

If you could explain a bit more in detail it would be a lot clearer on
what you really want.  The drawback is if you cron job it on every node
you must have a precise time server for ntp on the local subnet or your
effectively PPPing in the wind.