[CentOS] vsftpd saving uploads twice

Thu Apr 8 12:55:26 UTC 2010
Dirk H. Schulz <dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de>


Am 08.04.10 12:31, schrieb Kai Schaetzl:
> Dirk H. Schulz wrote on Thu, 08 Apr 2010 11:29:53 +0200:
> Can you please stop this? You are repeating your messages to the list with
> slightly changed subjects and content because you apprently don't get the
> answers you want. This is unfriendly, please stop this! And spare lame
> excuses.
> Did you consider to talk to the vsftpd author/list? I think it's obvious
> that your problem is easier solvable with/by them.
Yes, I thought so too. I did not receive any reply from the author, and 
there is no vsftpd list - at least I did not find one on the project site.
>>> -rw-r--r-- 1 root          root          19968 16. Mär 11:24 Termine
>>> Leistungspr%FCfungen.doc
>>> -rw-r--r-- 1 ftpsystemuser ftpsystemuser 19968 16. Mär 11:24 Termine
>>> Leistungspr?fungen.doc
> In the other thread from two days ago you got an answer that you elected to
> ignore.
I am sorry, I must have overlooked the answer. I would have been happy 
to find it.
> But this answer may have a clue to your problem. If it is true that
> the file is first written as root and then rewritten (instead of chowned) to
> another user then the above can be the result of an encoding conversion
> problem. The filename contain umlauts and the first filename is uploaded
> with a %encoded name. I may be wrong but I think this encoding should be
> only transitory and re-transcribed to the characters fitting there in with
> the system's character-set when the file is written to storage. The %
> encoding for that character is correct, maybe the filesystem cannot or need
> not handle %encoding, but nevertheless tries to convert to an existing
> character instead of letting the "%FC" live as is. And this fails.
> What's obvious, is that the file then gets written with an unknown character
> in it. So, some part of the character conversion either doesn't work
> correctly or cannot work correctly, for instance because a character-set is
> set incorrectly on one of the involved systems and clients.
> If you used ASCII filenames the problem wouldn't exist, of course.
If I could force the users of the ftp server to use ASCII filenames I 
gladly would.
> This could be a bug in vsftpd or in the OS or a combination or in your
> client or something else. So, again, you should go to the source, which is
> vsftpd.
Since the source is no way to go I had hoped to find other people with 
similar experience to find a workaround or a solution. I am sorry for