[CentOS] Consecutive Jobs

Thu Apr 8 14:51:56 UTC 2010
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at activenetwerx.com>

>This isn't a complete answer, but a possible approach: I'd use a named pipe
>on the destination host. Here's a little experiment to demonstrate.
>[user at dhost temp]$ mkfifo pipe
>[user at dhost temp]$ while true ; do ` < pipe` ; done
>Now, in another xterm:
>[user at dhost temp]$ echo date > pipe
>[user at dhost temp]$ echo 'ls -l' > pipe
>You can 'echo' commands to the pipe in multiple windows; the while loop
>will only read and execute one command at a time off the pipe. You can see
>where this is going - now your multiple servers just ssh those echo
>commands to the destination host and the corresponding commands are
>I'll leave it to you to make it suitably robust if you go this way; you'll
>need to add some error handling, possibly signal handling, etc. but that's
>just standard shell scripting.
>--- Les Bell

Thank you all very much! This is the exact approach I am trying out now as this
is such a small scale quick need, once I roll out Torque or something for my earlier
problem, I could apply it here as well.

The command I execute is always the same shell script with a unique parameter
passed into it, I'll look into tuning this up so it accepts the single word passed
in via ssh, then executes the bash script with this as $1.

Thanks everyone!