[CentOS] CentOS press kit

Thu Apr 8 21:29:35 UTC 2010
Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann <didi at ribalba.de>

On 08/04/2010 21:40, Les Mikesell wrote:
> But how can you describe it without mentioning the "Large North American
> Linux vendor" that mostly makes it what it is?

That is a problem I often encounter. For the Newsletter I asked someone 
working for the vendor if it would be Ok [1]. Nothing official but I 
wanted to double check. But I was thinking that the kit should be more 
about the features we (as in CentOS community) have. The idea we 
support. And just mention that we recompile from a big Linux vendor. 
(Like on the website). Further some screen-shots, the logo, some release 
cycle graphs, some pointers to information (wiki, forum, ML) a short 
explanation of the different working groups (live CD, etc), some more 
ideas ????

Cheers Didi

[1] And ended up copy pasting his wording :)

Hoffmann Geerd-Dietger