[CentOS] VPN

Sat Apr 10 10:21:36 UTC 2010
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

cahit Eyigünlü wrote:
> is there any possibility to do this on cent os
> for example company one will be in the block of
> and routed to the one of my external ip
> company two will be in the block of and routed
> to the one of my external ip

I am not sure what you mean by 'routed to one of your external ip 

so, you are at a third site, and want a tunnel to both companies networks?

btw, I know those are just example addresses, but 11.x.x.x is not a 
reserved network   instead, that should be 10.1.0.xxx or something.

> i just need an advice is this better on windows vpn or llinux vpn
> server do you advice me any server software like open vpn or sth. else

assuming its a routing that makes logical sense, it should be easy to 
implement with OpenVPN.  you'd need a firewall running openvpn at each 
of those companies then your end could inititate the connections to each 
of them.  I'm not sure why you'd have to use two internet addresses at 
your end, rather, you'd just have an net like 10.2.0.xxx and the VPN 
tunnels would route between those networks.   I'm assuming company 1 and 
company 2 don't want any direct routing between them, so you'd have to 
make sure you're not providing that route (eg, 10.0.0.xxx should not 
have a route to 10.1.0.xxx or visa versa)

as far as 'better'?  better is what you or the people who will be 
administrating this is most familar with.   often, easiest is to use VPN 
appliance routers, like watchguards, or netscreens as the firewalls at 
all these sites.