[CentOS] Hosting Reco

Mon Apr 12 06:44:34 UTC 2010
Simon Billis <simon at houxou.com>

Hi Joseph,

Joseph L. Casale sent a missive on 2010-04-11:

> I have two needs that require offsite hosting now, anyone know offhand
> of any of the unlimited storage/bandwidth vendors that exist now that
> allow remote scp|rsync access to the data, not just "in shell scp use"?
> I'm hunting around and its apparently hard to get a straight answer...
> vps or dedicated is overkill for this one need, and none of those
> offerings have the storage/bandwidth of the hosting only solutions.

If you contact me off list I _may_ be able to help... go to www.houxou.com
and contact me via the web form there and we can then discuss your exact