[CentOS] how to debug pxe boot problems

Tue Apr 13 12:02:45 UTC 2010
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

Rudi Ahlers wrote on Tue, 13 Apr 2010 11:43:34 +0200:

> Cause I used the sample configation on the WIKI,

No, you didn't, you deviated from the tutorial and used different paths.
And, beyond that, it's a menu tutorial. Your menu works.

Anyway, you cannot just test with other images you know nothing about. That 
DOS image may simply not be PXE-bootable. Go back and try to make the 
simplest test case work. The simplest test case is the one with just the 
vmlinuz kernel and initrd and no other parameters. Follow the tutorial 
exactly and don't deviate before you know that it works. I followed that 
tutorial some years ago when I first started using kickstart PXE installation 
setups and it worked almost instantly. The only thing is that one has to be 
carefull with paths. At least with 5.0/5.1, it somehow didn't like to use the 
paths I told it but always used the initrd from the same directory. Keep that 
in mind. I don't know if that changed. The isolinux in CentOS is as old as 
CentOS, remember that.


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