[CentOS] SVN server update

Wed Apr 14 14:24:02 UTC 2010
Paul Heinlein <heinlein at madboa.com>

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010, Les Mikesell wrote:

> Matt Keating wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> i have SVN server 1.4.x working on production.
>>> i want to go ahead and update to 1.6.x
> You shouldn't have any problem upgrading the server side and it will 
> be backwards compatible with older clients, but you should be aware 
> that when you use an upgraded client it will modify the working copy 
> format in place so that you can't go back to an older client without 
> doing a fresh checkout.  That can be a problem if you use a mix of 
> command line and GUI clients.  Also you don't get all of the new 
> merge tracking features unless you use newer clients as well.

My experience is in line with Les' advice: you'll have a harder time 
on the client side than on the server. It's an especially difficult 
issue if several different machines share a filesystem containing 
repository working directories. (Getting CentOS and Debian to 
work and play well with SVN trees in an environment with a central 
/home mount is *fun*!)

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