[CentOS] How Do I ...

Wed Apr 14 15:51:48 UTC 2010
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: "gene.poole at macys.com" <gene.poole at macys.com>
> I've got a machine running CentOS 5.3
> and this machine has got 2 - built-in 1 Gig NICs and a expansion card with
> 4 - 100 Meg NICs.  For whatever reason at install time, it made the
> expansion card eth0 through eth3 and the internal ports eth4 and eth5.
> And by default the 'machine' is known on the network by the eth0 NIC, so
> my throughput is limited to 100 Mb.  How can I force the internal
> NICs to be eth0 and eth1? 

Maybe look at /etc/modprobe.conf
Don't forget to change the MACs