[CentOS] Apparent BIND problem doing RBL lookups for Postfix

Thu Apr 15 01:51:12 UTC 2010
Larry Vaden <larry.vaden at gmail.com>

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 7:36 PM,  <listserv.traffic at sloop.net> wrote:
> First, someone's going to ask - perhaps Zen's blocking you. I don't
> think so. Here's why.
> -We're non-commercial, using the definition set my spamhaus,
> -mail connects TOTAL are well less than 100K a day. (Less than 10K in actuality)
> -and thus having more than 300K queries is pretty unlikely.

I'm not privy to spamhaus.org's rate limiting policies, but you show
two queries 2 seconds apart, or 86400/2 per day perhaps.

> -Also, let me remind you that a restart of the bind service seems to
> make the failures go away for a while, so if zen were blocking our queries, I'd think that wouldn't make a difference.

Read and understood.

> I certainly suspect a problem with BIND, but I can't find it, and have no idea where to go from here.
> I simply don't know where to look any more. If BIND were having a problem, say allocating memory, or something, shouldn't it be in a debug level 5 log?

Perhaps using and as resolvers or
directly asking spamhaus.org if they are rate limiting you would help.

kind regards/ldv