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Thu Apr 15 15:32:06 UTC 2010
Fernando Gleiser <fergleiser at yahoo.com>

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> in the olden days it was so easy, you had PCI cards and they were 
> named by the slot number, starting with eth0 in PCI slot 1 and so on.
> Then 
> came the inbuilt nics
> Then came the PCIx built nics
> Then came the PCI-e 
> built nics

> OUCH! ;-)

Then came blade servers with built-in nics you can't  unplug because they're plugged to the blade center enclosure's internal switches :)

I had an awful time trying to install a bunch of servers via PXE, the server booted from one nic, then tried to configure eth0 which was ANOTHER nic which was (of course) connected to a different built in switch and the installation failed because it couldn't access the kickstart file.

We had to trunk the 4 internal switches for the install, then we had to look into the switch's management to see which card was in what port, then modify the ifcfg-ethX to configure each one of the NICs with the right IP