[CentOS] Building an "instant on" X terminal

Fri Apr 16 02:46:59 UTC 2010
Reynolds McClatchey <r_mcclatchey at bellsouth.net>

> Huh.  A small version of Debian Etch.  Boots (once POST has complted)
> in under 25 seconds.
> Hmm, old versions of software, and "apt-get upgrade" causes the system
> to die (root disk filled out) but definitely a possibility.

I believe Synaptic is installed. I did not upgrade but used Synaptic to 
the packages I needed but not included - lpd, xpdf. I found an Etch repo 

I ran out of flash at some point. I needed serial printers for a plant label
printer and could never get the RS232 printer working.

We have 10 or so HP thin clients and fragility of the flash data has not 
been an issue.
Instant on is not an issue and I missed that in your original note.

Good Luck.