[CentOS] scripting CPAN installs

Fri Apr 16 13:26:16 UTC 2010
Tomas Ruprich <ruprich at uikt.mendelu.cz>

i don't know exactly if this would be usable for yourself, but very nice
feature for our purposes is autobundling, see for example:

As for RPMs, it could be sometimes problem with versions. RPMs aren't
often the most recent versions of modules and resolving RPM dependencies
could sometimes overwrite the most uptodate versions (which you need) by
slightly older which may not be applicable. But this really depends...


Thu, Apr 15, 2010 ve 04:23:32PM -0400, Alan McKay napsal:
> Hey folks,
> Maybe there is a Perl/CPAN list that is a better place to ask this?
> If so, maybe someone can point me to it.
> Anyway, I want to be able to script the installation of a bunch of
> CPAN modules, and the first basic problem I am coming up against is
> that the "cpan" command seems to always return 0 regardless of whether
> or not the install completed.
> Google does not bring up a whole lot of help for me here, but I have
> to think this problem has already been solved.
> Thanks for any guidance you can give.
> -Alan
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