[CentOS] CentOS5 and samba

Fri Apr 16 14:10:38 UTC 2010
Daniel Bird <dbird at sgul.ac.uk>

On 16/04/2010 14:00, lhecking at users.sourceforge.net wrote:
>   We're trying to migrate RHEL3 and CentOS4 based samba servers over to CentOS5,
>   but it's a bleeding disaster. We cannot get it to work reliably with any
>   version of CentOS5, i386 or x86_64, the included 3.0.x version of samba or
>   3.4.x/3.5.x compiled from source.
>   The symptoms are: read access is extremely slow, write access seems to work
>   in principle (e.g. creating a zeros-sized file on a share), but writing even
>   small files (100k) to the share eventually times out with "out of memory or
>   disk space" errors. These shares are home directories NFS-mounted on the
>   samba server. Shares of local disks work fine as expected.
We had a similar after issues migrating from a Solaris 8 2.x Samba 
install to CentOS 5 . We had all sorts of timeouts, and weird slowness 
and random "read only" messages.


locking = No

in the globals of smb.conf fixed it.

In our case we suspect it has something to do with locking differences 
over NFS between Solaris and CentOS clients accessing a CentOS NFS 
server but didn't have time to fully investigate (we were just glad it 
got fixed!). If this works for you then maybe there's something more to 

>   We have played with oplock settings and got some improvements, but not
>   reliably, and this seems to effect XP and Seven clients differently.
>   Surely we are not the first to run into this sort of issue? Given the range
>   of tested software, the problem appears to be specific to CentOS5.
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