[CentOS] CentOS5 and samba

Sat Apr 17 22:10:13 UTC 2010
Daniel Bird <dbird at sgul.ac.uk>

> Can't you samba-export at the source instead of the nfs mount?  Even if it works
> it seems like an inefficient way to do things.
Yes, that makes perfect sense and thats the second stage of our 
migration from the old E450 Solaris 8  box (which hosted everything via 
a single samba instance, with NFS mounts from other storage that didn't 
support running samba) . We ARE moving to direct samba mappings via the 
netlogon scripts to the servers hosting the file systems, but we have 
over 1200 smb shares across 40 or so 1Tb+  file systems and that all 
takes time and testing... :-)

However, at the risk of being a pedant, that doesn't give us a 
explanation as to why the same setup on  CentOS & RHEL resulted in the 
behavior we experienced. NFS mounts are surely not that uncommon on 
samba servers and one would expect the locking mechanisms to cope with 
that scenario. It surely does on our old Solaris box. We will be 
investiaging this further since our migration is going to take a couple 
of months and like JD pointed out in a previous post the no locking 
option shouldn't be needed.