[CentOS] burning an image

Sun Apr 18 03:03:10 UTC 2010
Michael A. Peters <mpeters at mac.com>

david walcroft wrote:
> I downloaded CentOS-5.4-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso but I haven't used Centos 
> before and I've haven't used a -bin-DVD.iso before,every attempt so far 
> to burn one has produced coasters,what do I do to get an image.
> Thanks  david

This is how I burn linux ISO's, rarely results in bad burn.

As root -

cdrecord -dev=/dev/scd0 -speed=8 -dao -pad -v whatever.iso

You might need to change /dev/scd0 depending upon your system, that 
works for me with a SATA burner.

If your iso is not sitting on a separate physical drive from / and 
/home, try not to use any apps while the burn is taking place.

Don't use a faster speed just because your burner supports it, I've 
found that the faster the burn the more likely some drives are to reject 
it as a boot disk even when the burn process doesn't report any errors, 
not sure why.

If all else fails and you have a second computer, you can burn the small 
boot.iso and mount the dvd image on the second computer and make it 
available over http. Then boot off of the boot.iso and do a network 
install. I frequently do it that way, as I don't see the point in 
wasting a DVD-R when the first thing I'm going to do after successful 
install is run yum update to replace a lot of the packages.