[CentOS] CentOS 5.x and Fedora

Mon Apr 19 16:28:36 UTC 2010
Ian Kaufman <iank at mac.com>

> ... and because some package is provided in the MAIN repository
> does not mean its stable, either. I run amanda and have been doing
> since 1998, the version that is in the main repository (2.5.0p2)
> is 5 years old and crashed my 5.4 server (and another server I
> look after part time voluntarily). I currently run a self compiled
> 2.6.1 and never looked back (this includes all of amanda's clients).
I don't think you understand how Red Hat (and thus CentOS) package

The version of Amanda in RHEL 5.4 and CentOS 5.4 is indeed
2.5.0p2-8 (the -8 is important) and is not yet 6 months old, much
less 5 years old. When Red Hat packages RPMs, they often times
back port security patches and bugfixes.

As to why it crashed you server,  I can bet that there are other config
and software changes you have added "by hand" that may have caused
a problem. We have a few CentOS 5.4 systems running the standard
amanda packages without any problems.

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